Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So much to write about, where do I start?
Iridium? MOMA? Or Stewart’s Macbeth?
(A Star Trek alumnus’ sanguinary death
˗ astonishing, how well he suited the part)
Maybe Iridium: old Jimmy Cobb,
seventy-nine, remarkable, black ‘Miles’ baseball cap
perched jauntily, battering that high hat
for five hours straight – hell of a job!

When I’m in America, I think of growing old,
Of all those tunes unplayed, stories left untold.
Tina Turner’s touring soon, so fine at sixty eight,
Like Nancy Pelosi, while MCain’s 71 out of the gate.
What will become of us? Don’t answer that!
Already too old, too grey, too forgetful, and too fat.

* Japanese for ‘dead person’ & by extension ‘Buddha’. Also a restaurant in New Brunswick NJ


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