Friday, April 04, 2008


Usually Thursdays the crossword defeats me.
In sunny Piazza Maggiore, failure streams
down ancient brick courses like sunbeams.
So is this where a misplaced rapture meets me?
Three clues answered of one thirty two:
inn / lay / needed – that’s it!
Can’t cheat on the Blackberry – it’s on a hissy fit
Substitute another cap, a croissant – well, what would you do?

Later to via della Belle Arte, to try viola bows,
perhaps after lunch at Zanarini, pasta and local red wine.
Just wander up old via Oberdan, turn right and follow your nose
So the mundane is rendered transcendent, the quotidian divine
Travel making strange always, overthrows
The signifier – but we’re luckily left with the sign.


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