Friday, October 14, 2005

Pinter bitter? No way.

Well after 29 plays including a couple of really quite memorable ones, Harold Pinter gets the Nobel Prize for literature to widespread astonishment and muted applause. Apparently the big money was on the Syrian poet Adonis (che? Can that be his real name? Or is someone sending someone up?)

Anyway how strange that The Guardian is pleased but various American thinkers are not. One disappointed US critic even has the temerity to quote a very very rude poem Pinter wrote about the Iraq war (warning: really very naughty words in poem so don't click on the link if you hate rude words).

...of course, if you do link to the very rude poem, quoted by the disappointed American (who felt it important to mention that she did understand the sporting metaphor, she really did) you will benefit from a couple of investment opportunities as well, because unlike this one that site is supported by a vigorous and free marketplace: you can buy up Iraqi dinars - which used to be worth $82,000 and are now worth $45 - bargain! Or if you want a sure thing rather than mere speculation you could purchase a snugly fitting 'conservative tee' emblazoned with the peace sign, a B52 and the motto Peace through superior firepower.

Dear old Harold surely would be pleased (pause).

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